Our mission is to demystify tempeh and make it widely available in Berlin and beyond.  We currently produce several varieties of high quality tempeh in small batches and supply it to fine restaurants and consumers.


Tasty Tempeh has a savoury satisfying taste that makes it the perfect addition to any meal or a yummy snack.  Indonesians love to eat their tempeh fried, but it can also be cooked in countless other ways.


Anything you can do with meat or tofu you can do with Tasty Tempeh. It can be crumbled and cooked for lasagna, pasta or pizza, or seasoned as a taco filling. It can be fried in cubes and used for croutons for salads or a stir-fry. You can cut into slices, marinate and bake for a sandwiches or wraps. You can fry as medallions and cover with sauce for a main course.

Tasty Tempeh is sold in a frozen state to ensure the best taste and to preserve its healthy prebiotics and nutrients.

Our Tempeh